For what can skewe be used ?

For what can skewe be used ?

The benefits of SKEWE could be applied to many different sports and activities:

  Walking/Hiking - choose your own weight of inserts to suit your physical condition
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Running - choose your own weight of inserts to advance your training
without having to buy new pair of ankle weights each time you want to
increase resistance - just change SKEWE inserts.



 Cycling road / off road – for targeted training of hamstring muscles.

martial art body 1 
Martial arts – for leg training, improving strength and speed.
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 Paragliding – tests using SKEWE added weights to legs and achieved
 a perfect gliding angle and maximum speed.
pilates cours1

 Pilates – get more out of your training. 


Rehabilitation of legs after injury – when leg muscles are weak and you start rehabilitation training, use SKEWE to start slowly gaining your strength back.