Why Mad Cat ?

Ahead of others

There are no other platforms like it out there! RC tanks are meant to look and feel as much like a real tank as possible. They are for scale tank battles and RC war re-enactment, not for racing or jumping.
And then there's the Mad Cat, meant for racing! The platform has six swing arms with big bore oil-filled shock absorbers for maximum ground contact and grip in any situation! Power is provided with two brushless motors. We tested our prototype with two CC Mambas XL2 and CC 2028 motors.
It is fast. It is nimble! It is Mad Cat!




Length:                                    1000 mm

Width:                                       500 mm

Height:                                      300 mm

Maximum ground clearance:    100 mm

Suspension arms                     6 pairs

Track length:                            1800 mm or 49 links

Power:                                      two brushless motors and ESCs

Battery compartment:               500×250×150 mm factory designed for six 4s 5000 mAh

Weight fully loaded:                  35 kg

Materials:                                  CNC milled PA6 white or black

                                                 CNC milled Aluminum 7075

                                                 CNC water jet cut industrial rubber

                                                 Fiberglass core carbon fibre-laminated body

Upgrades:                                Comin