What is skewe ?

What is skewe ?

Skewe is a set of slim, anatomically correct, exchangeable leg weights for enhancing every sports activity, martial arts, fitness, paragliding and rehabilitation uses.
In short, you don't need to buy different weights for different sport activities, because with Skewe you can cover them all.



What makes Skewe superior to other similiar products ?

It has a slim design, so it's much nicer and proportional on your leg, and you don't look silly when you wear it.
Because it's slim it's harder to notice it under the majority a long trousers – even if you are carrying 4 kg you still look normal.
So, you can wear it at work, shopping, at school or everyday activities
The holders are made from 100% cotton, so they are skin friendly even if you sweat.
When you train, it's much less likely to bump and shift around, but with other weights it's difficult to even walk normally.
It stays fixed on place, so you don't need to interrupt your training to adjust its strap every 5 min.
You can combine inserts for your own training needs.
There are three different weights possibilities: 0.5, 0.75 and 1 kg with a total of 12 different combination possibilities.
Inserts are easy to handle and easy to store.
Ankle injuries are common with typical weight designs and can be dangerous for long-term injuries, but Skewe is made in an anatomically correct way, so it is much harder to injure yourself.
It's stylish.



Skewe vs ordinary weights


Same function yet better in every other way


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How its made ?

Everything is handmade, from sewing to casting.
Material is cotton, recyclable plastic, natural rubber and reusable lead.



To wash is easy 400c in wasching machine