Who are we ?

Hello Visitor!

We are Nejc Mramor and Klemen Bizjak, a team of engineers from Slovenia.
We met each other the first time at a high school for mechanics in the city of Postojna. We soon become friends and continued to study together in university later.

Klemen is a bike lover, In his spare time, he enjoys working with RC, electronics, robotics, CAD modelling and making prototype vehicles in his garage.
He is the project leader for Mad Cat, a prototype tracked vehicle.
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Nejc is more like tech lover, in his spare time he is CAD modelling and inventing new stuff or working out.
More than anything, he loves to be with friends, collaborating on a new protect.
He is the project leader for SKEWE, prototype multi-purpose slim weights.
For more details, check out this site!

Since high school, we have always been intrigued by innovation and making regular objects or mechanics better.

And so we made a team with the goal of representing our inventions to all people, so that you could improve your life with the inventions that we have made.
If you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask.
We will take time and answer them.
Our goal and dream are to create new products and present them to people, including you, our readers.
So, help us out in any way and we will be very grateful.